The Hilly Hundred

2017 Hilly Hundred October 6-8

The Hilly Hundred is a 100-mile bike ride around scenic county roads around Southern Indiana. However, if you are not up for the 100-mile challenge, there are shorter routes available. This event is spread out into two day, so you will do up to 50 miles each day. The “Hilly” Part comes from the elevations that you will climb, on Saturday you will climb approximately 3229 feet for the long ride (53.7 miles), and 2127 feet for the short ride (32.7 miles). On the last day, you will climb approximately 3229 feet for the long ride (51.7 miles), and for the short ride you will climb 1830 feet (31.1 miles).
According to the Bicycling Magazine, The Hilly Hundred is the “Best overall event, longest running event, largest event, best map, and best entertainment” they give the top 10 reasons to ride in the Hilly… 1.The hills 2.Well organized event 3.Vender tent with great deals on cycling stuff 4.Carefully selected route 5.Rest stop for food 6.Costume contest 7.Enterta…

Intro to Cyclocross

What is Cyclocross?
Developed in Europe in the 1900’s, cyclocross was a way for road cyclist to stay fit in the fall and winter. The transition from smooth pavement to off-road surfaces provided more difficult training conditions, improving fitness and bike handling skills. The sport became very popular in Belgium, France and the Netherlands and has recently seen a major growth in the United States.