Intro to Cyclocross

What is Cyclocross?

Developed in Europe in the 1900’s, cyclocross was a way for road cyclist to stay fit in the fall and winter. The transition from smooth pavement to off-road surfaces provided more difficult training conditions, improving fitness and bike handling skills. The sport became very popular in Belgium, France and the Netherlands and has recently seen a major growth in the United States.  

The cyclocross season typically runs from September to January and features many laps of a short, circuit course ranging anywhere from one to three kilometers. The racing surface varies from pavement to dirt, mud and sand and often includes obstacles like barriers to jump and steps to climbresulting in frequent mounting and dismounting of the bikeRaces are a set duration of time, ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  

Cyclocross bikes are a lot like road bikes because both are lightweight, have narrow tires and drop handlebars. Although, cyclocross bikes tend to have greater tire clearance for knobbier tires, disc braking, smaller gears, and a more upright position. Clothing warn during cyclocross races is like that of the road, but due to colder conditions, long sleeves are often worn with gloves and jackets. 

Bloomington is hosting its very own cyclocross race, BloomingCross, Sunday, September 17, 2017 at Karst Farm Park. The racing starts at 10am and end with the Elite Men starting at 3:30pm. A great way to see the racing is by volunteering.  

To volunteer, visit: 

For more information on BloomingCross, visit:  

If you’re interested in learning more about cyclocross, check out the videos below: 


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