Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break and are ready to burn off some of that turkey on the upcoming training rides! There are only two social and two tempo rides left this semester, so be sure to come out! The Friday social ride is now at 4:00PM at the Wilcox house and the Sunday group ride is still 10AM for the women and 10:30AM for the men at the Sample Gates.

If you would still like to sign waivers, pay dues, or purchase IUCC clothing, please e-mail us and we can set up a time to meet with you and get everything squared away before the end of the semester.

Finally, here is a message to all of IUCC and the Bloomington cycling community from the Bicycle Steering Committee at the IU Office of Sustainability:

Do you want to make biking better at IU? The Bicycle Steering Committee is Indiana University's first official task force specifically created to implement campus-wide bicycle initiatives. The committee is comprised of highly capable students, faculty, and staff making bicycle projects and events a reality. It is a great opportunity for student leadership roles and a chance to make a tangible difference at IU.

If you are interested in attending, the next Bicycle Steering Committee meeting will be December 1st, 4:00 - 5:00, in the Walnut Room of the IMU. Please e-mail bicycle@indiana.edu with any questions or comments.

Enjoy the week and hope to see everyone at the group rides this weekend!


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