Lindenwood Road Race Recap

The Mens' C race departed at 11:00 am for two laps on a challenging and hilly 22 mile road course. Several attacks over the first lap of the course including a long solo effort off of the front by Turner Duncan broke the field of around 50 riders into small fragments led by the breakaway controlled by Turner Duncan, John Becker, Chris Passolano, and Austin Venhuizen. Unfortunately, Austin flatted and was forced to remove himself from the race at the end of the first lap.

After opening a gap of over 5 minutes over the field, the remaining IU contingent expanded that lead with continued attacks spurned by the Indy-bred climbing supremacy of Turner Duncan, with the course eventually leveling out once again to allow for a race average speed in excess of 22 on a particularly hilly course. An expert lead-out from John Becker delivered Turner Duncan to his third race of the season, with the Turner and Becker crossing the line 1 and 2 with Chris Passolano just a stone's throw away in a chasing group.

The Mens' D race left at 11:05 with IU being championed by Aaron Starkston, Patrick Garvey, and Robert Martin. The race wasn't characterized by breakaways but, rather, by mishaps and mechanicals, with Patrick recovering from a wreck after a rider from Illinois unclipped and went down in front of him. Aaron Starkston dropped a chain and was forced to put in a hard solo effort to regain his position in the group. After recovering from his mechanical, Aaron pulled out all the stops and sprinted around several riders in the closing 200 meters for a top ten finish with Patrick Garvey and Robert Martin following shortly behind.

The Men's A, Men's B, and Women's A road races were all cancelled due to thunderstorms. Criterium results are coming soon! Great job to all the Hoosiers that attended!


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