Call Out Recap

There were plenty of familiar faces but also plenty of new ones at the IUCC call out on Wednesday evening. Here is a recap of what happened:

  1. Introduction of the new executive board for the 2011-2012 season and announcement of the new features such as the new website and twitter.
  2. Announcement of the all new Alumni Coaching Board; A group comprised of local and national cycling knowledge and talent dedicated to bringing IU to the forefront of collegiate cycling. (Information regarding the ACB can be found on the member resources page).
  3. Sponsors for 2011-2012 and how members can best utilize the benefits (Information regarding sponsorships can also be found on the member resources page).
  4. Sunday practice rides will start in early November, keep an eye out for the schedule!
  5. Overview of the new classification system and how it benefits us.
  6. Bloomingcross: There is a special Little 500 Category added to Bloomingcross this year and the proceeds will go to help IUCC! The event is on October 16 and all are welcome to participate. IUCC is also looking for volunteers to help mark the course on Saturday, and help direct traffic and racers on Sunday. If you are interested in helping out, please e-mail us at!
We will be having another meeting soon for the sole purpose of signing waivers, paying dues, and purchasing IUCC clothing! Keep an eye on the webpage and twitter for updates!


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