Training Schedule, GU Order, and Meeting!

There is a chill in the air and that means only one thing: It's time for the weekly practice rides to begin! We will be offering two rides a week: one social and one training. The social ride will be every Friday unless mentioned otherwise, at the Wilcox House at 4:30PM. This ride will be combined with the weekly Little 500 group ride and will provide an opportunity to get to know your teammates over some easy social miles. There will be a short route option and a long route option each week to accommodate any ride needs you may have for that day.

The second ride we'll offer is a weekly training ride that will range from solid tempo work to all out racing. This ride will take place every Sunday, rolling out from the Sample Gates at 10:30AM and will range in duration from 2.5-4 hours depending on the route and workout. The schedule for the Sunday ride can be found under the member resources page. Both rides will be starting this week (11/4 and 11/6)! So come on out and start training for the upcoming road season!

The final date for the GU Energy order is Wednesday, November 16th. If you would like to order something from GU Energy, please go to their online store ( and see what they have available. When you have made your choices, please e-mail us at with your order. Once your order is submitted, we will calculate and e-mail you what your total is. You must pre-pay for your order and have your money to us no later than the November 16th deadline if you wish to receive your GU products.

Finally, we'll be having a meeting this Thursday (11/3) from 9PM-10PM in the Danielson Room at the Wilcox House. The meeting will be informal and you'll be able to come in anytime between 9 and 10 to sign waivers, pay dues, and purchase IUCC short sleeve jerseys and bibs. This will be one of the last options you'll have to do so before the end of the semester, so make sure to come out and get everything taken care of. Remember, if you do not pay dues, you will not be allowed to race in the upcoming season for IU. That's all we have for now, hope to see you all at the meeting and at the rides this weekend!


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