Collegiate Cyclocross Nationals Recap

Ashton Wischmeier was the sole representative of Indiana University at the 2012 Collegiate Cyclocross Nationals. Ashton finished in 31st in Division 1 USAC collegiate race. Congratulations on a successful Cyclocross season Ashton!

Ashton wrote a recap of his personal experience at this years nationals event:

"Collegiate nationals - Madison, Wisconsin

Arriving two days before the start of the collegiate race I witnessed the course change daily in appearance and in difficulty. It ranged from having several inches of mud to being covered in frozen ruts that were several inches deep.

I arrived at the course at 7:45 the morning of the race to get in a final few practice laps before the start. It was 20 degrees outside and the course was extremely rough and unforgiving. The course was already one of the most challenging of the season with little room to recover in between climbs and other barriers, but the addition of 5 inch deep ruts covering every inch of the course not covered in asphalt made it extremely difficult to control the direction the bike wanted to travel in. These ruts were the reason for a few errors on my part. They were all too willing to send me into the stakes lining the course. The biting cold also presented a challenge. It seemed to be impossible to wear enough embro and winter clothing while warming up and waiting for the start.

The race itself was extremely fast with a great field from across the nation in attendance. This being my second race of the weekend after the u23 race the day before, I knew what to expect as far as tempo went, but the conditions of the course were entirely different. In about fifteen hours the course had went from several inches of mud to being frozen solid. By the finish i was extremely exhausted and satisfied with my efforts between the two days.

I finished the weekend with a 29th place finish in the u-23 race and 31st in the division 1 collegiate race.




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