Spring Road Schedule!

It's that time of year! The road season kicks off in a little less than 2 months and MWCCC has released the following schedule:

February 25/26 Lindsey Wilson
March 3/4 Mizzou
March 17/18 Lindenwood (also part of NCCCC season)
March 24/25 Ohio State
March 31/April 1 Michigan/Michigan State
April 7 Marian (with Easter April 8)
April 14/15 Purdue
April 21/22 Notre Dame (Regionals)

Please be sure to keep an eye out on your e-mail, the website, and the IUCC twitter for an announcement regarding the upcoming meeting where we will provide additional information about the upcoming road season as well as provide an opportunity to sign waiver, pay dues, and purchase IUCC clothing!


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